A pastor dressed up a horse in a wedding dress!

No, this isn’t the opening line of a hilarious joke. This past Friday a Mississippi pastor dressed up a horse in a wedding dress!  Why? To protest a federal judge’s ruling (currently on hold) to overturn the state’s ban on gay marriage. He stood outside the federal courthouse building with this horse who was not only wearing a wedding dress, but also had white flowers tucked into his harness, and a bouquet at his feet.  One of the signs he held said “Do you take this horse to be your unnatural wedded spouse to have and to hold?”

As soon as I read this, I thought of one man…the 42 year old Canuck from the “What’s It’s Like To Date A Horse” New York Magazine article!!  If you missed our post “What It’s Like To Date A Horse- New York Magazine has gone too far” read it, as it gives this little horse stunt by the pastor additional meaning and humor.  For those of you who did read it, can you imagine the Canuck’s face when he first saw the picture of the horse (without reading the headlines)?  Or even better, if he saw a video of this horse in a wedding dress? A dream come true!  This pastor is teasing Zoophiles all around the world!  Just putting the horse in a white dress was probably enough for these “Zoos” to get all hot and bothered.

Based on this YouTube clip of the horse and pastor protesting, the horse doesn’t seem to mind the whole experience.  He’s happily munching on some grass while the pastor tries to make his point.  So no need to call PETA or any other animal rights organizations.  Plus, I wouldn’t exactly call making him wear a dress, “cruel.”  The stunt seemed to work because the pastor did get a fair amount of media attention.  And to be fair, the stunt probably does work better with a horse rather than a cow or any other animal.  Jeez, I wonder if that’s because of stories and jokes like the Canuck’s.  Are we becoming so desensitized to “sheep jokes” and Zoophiles that his stunt isn’t so outrageous?  Has the internet made these topics too prevalent and acceptable in our society? Well, no, it’s still outrageous, and still unacceptable, but clearly the pastor didn’t read the New York Magazine article (or our post) because if he had, he’d know that Mr. Canuck and all his “Zoophile” buddies would gladly “take that horse to be their unnatural wedded spouse to have and to hold!”

If you’d like some more back story on the actual law and ruling by the judge concerning gay marriage in Mississippi, here’s a link to an article that goes into it (and talks about the pastor’s protest). We know better than to try and navigate those waters.  We’ll stick to covering the less controversial topics like dating and marrying horses 😉

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