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Should I Clip My Horse’s Hair In The Winter?

There’s one question we keep seeing pop up over and over again… “should I clip my horse’s hair in the winter?”  Now if you ask that question to three different equestrians, you will probably get three different answers, and rightfully so. Why? Because it really does depend on your particular situation. The factors to consider […]

Salt Blocks for horses- they’re essential

Quite simply, horses need salt blocks because they have natural appetites for salt, yet sodium and chloride (the elements that make up table salt) are not abundantly found in their natural feed.  Grains, hay, grass, and even commercial feeds are often lacking in these desired electrolytes.  The aforementioned feeds contain other essential electrolytes that horses […]

A woman was killed clipping a horse- Reminder!

Time and again we’ve emphasized safety here at FillyGirl, for both you the owner, and your horse(s).  From our articles on riding helmets and breast collars, to a horses blind spots, our articles are full of horse safety reminders.  Sadly, there are always real life incidents to remind us as well.  Just two weeks ago an equestrian […]

Will Cuba’s horse racing industry thrive again?

Cuba’s horse racing industry once flourished at the country’s only horse racing track, Oriental Park.  Oriental Park Racetrack opened in 1915 and was operated by the Havana-American Jockey Club of Cuba.  It was open during the winter months and many of America’s top stables brought their best horses to Oriental Park Racetrack to compete.  It’s also […]