Cowboy boots are officially “Urban Chic” this fall..

Thanks to a Filly Fan responding to our post yesterday, we have more evidence that cowboy boots have become “urban chic” this year.  Over the last couple of years, women across America were styling in their “riding” boots (even though 90% of them had probably never ridden a horse in their lives). It was actually a very preppy look and most women looked good, and were able to pull it off. Hunter Wellington Boots (Wellies) (a British import) also became very popular for those rainy and snowy days.  There was a time when us “horse people” used to use Hunters for mucking out and working around the stables.  Now, at $135 a pair (they used to be cheaper before becoming so popular with EVERYONE), every urbanite woman (and some men) have them.  They are even selling Hunter Welly Socks (which protrude just above the boot and display the “Hunter” name)!  When exactly did equestrian clothing become so popular?

Well it seems the tide is turning…cowboy boots have replaced riding boots this fall, but I’m not so sure the Hunter Wellies will disappear so fast.  Remember how long it took for UGGs to fade out?  Check out the accompanying pics…that’s clearly cement “sidewalk”, not paddock dirt!urban cowgirl boots2urban cowgirl boots












For more “evidence” and stylish boots, check out the lastest pics in “English vs. Western”

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