Dubai BOUGHT SAND! (for Meydan Racecourse, home to the Dubai World Cup)

You can’t “sell ice to an Eskimo,” but apparently you can sell sand to a country in the middle of the desert, IF they have a horse racing track!  According to a report published this past Friday in The Daily Mail, Dubai ordered 1,500 cubic meters of sand from a company in Germany for their Meydan Racecourse, home to the Dubai World Cup.

The local sand is “large-grained and rough,” making it unstable for their prized race horses.  The German sand was purchased from a company called Equiterra. It is hand sifted, not as abrasive, firm under foot, and highly absorbent, making it ideal for thoroughbreds to run on.

This wasn’t the first time Dubai imported sand.  In 2003, The Crown Prince of Dubai ordered 3,000 tons of sand from Lancashire, England in order to provide his horses with a top-quality race track.  With horses in his stable fetching over $1 million, who can blame him.

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