A Man And His Race Horse- Hilarious!

It’s The Breeder’s Cup Breeder's Cupthis weekend!!

We’ll have more on that later, but first, this quick themed joke…


A man has a racehorse who hasn’t won a race in over 2 years.  It’s the last race of the season, and the man says to his horse, “you better win today, or you’ll be pulling a milk wagon tomorrow morning!”
The starting gate opens, the horses take-off, they move the gate away, and there lays his horse- asleep on the track! He shakes the horse and asks, “WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING?”
The horse, half asleep, says “I have to get up at four in the morning!”

Well, at least it’s appropriate.  Good luck this weekend!

For a quick look at the line up and our strategy, click here

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