Will Cuba’s horse racing industry thrive again?

Cuba’s horse racing industry once flourished at the country’s only horse racing track, Oriental Park.  Oriental Park Racetrack opened in 1915 and was operated by the Havana-American Jockey Club of Cuba.  It was open during the winter months and many of America’s top stables brought their best horses to Oriental Park Racetrack to compete.  It’s also […]

Monty to the rescue…Hilarious!

An out-of-state visitor was driving his car along a back country road when he suddenly lost control and drove straight into a deep ditch.  Lucky for him, a farmer happen to come along about 20 minutes later with his big old horse named Monty.  The man asked for help.  The farmer said, “No problem, Monty […]

The Great RDA Horse Doodle

Do you like artwork featuring horses? Do you want to help out a horse related charity?  Well bust out those checkbooks and get involved in “The Great RDA Horse Doodle!”  On November 28th, the New Zealand Riding for the Disabled launched a fund raiser for their organization.  They’ve basically asked 30 well-known Kiwis (New Zealanders) […]