Salt Blocks for horses- they’re essential

Quite simply, horses need salt blocks because they have natural appetites for salt, yet sodium and chloride (the elements that make up table salt) are not abundantly found in their natural feed.  Grains, hay, grass, and even commercial feeds are often lacking in these desired electrolytes.  The aforementioned feeds contain other essential electrolytes that horses need to replenish those lost through sweat.  But to get “salt” we must give it to them another way.  Salt blocks for horses or “salt licks” are how we do that.  Salt blocks come in actual block shape like the one shown to the right, or salt blocks can be attached to a rope.  The blocks of salt are usually inserted into a salt block holder. Salt blocks for horses usually come in sizes ranging from 1 pound to 5 pounds and generally cost around $15 for a small block.  Some owners prefer to use a salt block on a rope because it provides some entertainment for the horse while they are stabled.  In addition, since it’s a bit harder to get at (since the salt swings around each time they try to lick or bite it), it helps ration the salt block and prevents the horse from consuming too much at one time.  It would seem like we’re giving our horses a treat the way they enjoy salt blocks, but really it’s an essential part of their diet, especially during the hot summer months.  If you keep your licks out in the field or paddock, keep an eye on it and replenish it when necessary.  Especially if it’s a communal salt block!

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