The Great RDA Horse Doodle

Do you like artwork featuring horses? Do you want to help out a horse related charity?  Well bust out those checkbooks and get involved in “The Great RDA Horse Doodle!”  On November 28th, the New Zealand Riding for the Disabled launched a fund raiser for their organization.  They’ve basically asked 30 well-known Kiwis (New Zealanders) to doodle a horse onto a canvas, which will then be auctioned off on TradeMe (with 100% of the money going to NZRDA).  It’s being sponsored by Pet-n-Sur NZ, from Nov 28th to Dec 8th.

We’re not familiar with any of the celebrities who volunteered to doodle, but they include sports stars, musicians, actors, TV presenters, and designers, including Sir Mark Todd, Sean Fitzpatrick, Shane Cortese, Greg Murphy and Lady Janine Matapaere. Also featured are artworks from an RDA Rider and an RDA Horse!  Don’t laugh…some of these horses that hold a brush in their mouth and “paint” make serious coin!  Metro, the painting horse, has works going for $600 and up!  Imagine if this RDA horse creates a one-of-kind self-portrait.  So get involved, help out a good cause, and invest in some equine artwork.

Yea we’re global!


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