The Object Of Their Affection…

The object of their affection.  These boys were smitten with this beautiful mare as she was paraded in front of them, on this picture perfect day.  With the amazing blue sky and puffy white clouds as the backdrop for their fantasies, these male horses were fixated on this pretty girl from the moment they laid eyes on her.  Those of us old enough to remember, can’t help but think of that Pepsi commercial featuring Cindy Crawford and the two young boys leaning against a wooden fence.  And those that have been around horses know that’s not the look of “curiosity” or “feeding time”.  That intense look by a male horse means one, and only one, thing!


Taken from a Pepsi commercial featuring model Cindy Crawford


Sadly, there was no happy ending for these poor horses (both literally and figuratively, wink! wink!).  Like the boys in the Pepsi commercial, all they got to do that day was look upon that mare, take in her beauty, as well as their surroundings, and hope.  Hope that just some day, maybe….


smitten horses


smitten horses

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