A horse’s eyes… Filly Fun Fact

A horse’s eyes are unique for several reasons.  For starters, horses have near 360° vision.  Ok, so maybe you knew that.  But did you know that horses have bigger eyes (yes we cut off the excerpt from the homepage at that spot on purpose 🙂 ) than any other mammal that lives on land?  Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t. We’re not keeping score and there are no prizes here.  Here’s one you most definitely know, but we’re stating it again as a safety reminder: Horses have blind spots directly in front and behind them.  That’s why they often get spooked and try to kick out when someone stands behind them.  We’re giving you this “refresher” so it will be fresh in your mind, and you’ll be alert the next time you have someone visiting your stables, or a little kid tries to play with your pony.

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  1. Katie

    on December 15, 2014 at 4:16 pm -

    I didn’t know this re: the blind spots…you learn something new everyday!Good to know.

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